New Review- Beneath the Stars by A.L. Jackson

Beneath the Stars by A.L Jackson is the last book in the Bleeding Stars series and it is definitely the most heartwarming. This story is pure romance with a sweet couple that will make your heart melt.

It is not a secret that I have been rooting for Rhys and Maggie from the previous books. Rhys has been depicted as a playful man, a mamma’s boy in the previous books but in this one we see his past and all the guilt of the mistakes he carries. Maggie has been in the most awful condition a woman can go through but she is a survivor and she is definitely not a quitter.

These two have something there from the start. They are both a little broken but together they heal. Their attraction is burning but Rhys has a past that haunts him and Maggie a goal that endangers her. Their love is quiet but passionate. Although, they have an age gap, they connect perfectly. There is no chasm between them. They are just perfect for each other. I loved their calm and easygoing bond they share.

Although, I was completely satisfied with them as a couple, the secret that Rhys hid was not something I expected. The author promises a big and dark reveal but the truth does not justify all the hurt and guilt he carries because in reality it is not his fault. Also, Maggie in the end does something reckless without reason.

I smiled throughout the book with the other characters from the past books and especially with their kids. It is nice seeing everyone happy and content with their families.

A.L. Jackson brings again with her signature poetic and haunting  pen a beautiful love story written in the stars.

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